Unsolicited SMS for Stocks Recommendations

Chances are high you get these Unsolicited SMS for Stocks Recommendations, if you have been active in studying, trading, investing in stocks. I have been getting these SMS for quite sometime and I usually ignore them. Lately I noticed that these messages have increased and when checked the stock prices of these companies, it has been moving. When checked the basic fundamentals, didn’t find them worth risking money on; still people are investing money on them.

So thought why not spread awareness about this. This video explains the;

1. Structure of these Unsolicited SMS for Stocks Recommendations

2. How to check the basic details of Stocks like Dwekam Industries, VKJ Infradevelopers, Sai Baba Investment And Commercial Enterprises, ECS Biztech etc

3. My Golden Rules

Link: http://www.nccptrai.gov.in/nccpregist…)

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