One Small Thing to Boost Self Confidence Instantly

One Small Thing to Boost Self Confidence Instantly
One Small Thing to Boost Self Confidence Instantly

Feeling low on self confidence lately? Life at times takes us on a roller coaster ride: at top we feel enthused, happy and full of energy while lows in life bring stress, low energy and drop in self confidence. Low self confidence makes us self critical, we limit or stop social interactions, avoid doing something new, taking chances, and list goes on.

There could be different reasons for this drop in self confidence; rejection of any sort, loss of important opportunity, lay off, failure of project, loss of loved ones, issues with relationship, list is unlimited. It’s not only the failure or some problem that causes drop in self confidence, sometimes even when everything is ok, life is sailing smooth, and we go through this condition. We are not sure what’s causing this but we are not happy, not very confident. Whatever the situation is, this is not worth living in for very long. You must come out of this situation quick like a winner.

Here is one thing that you can do to boost confidence instantly. HELP A NEEDY; someone who may not even thank you. Sounds crazy, yes it does to some of us but it works my friend. It never failed me and never did to someone else. Look around you, there are several who need someone’s help. Why not begin at home. Help in doing some daily chores which you would otherwise not do. Help someone in your family; mother, father, wife, kids, and husband whoever needs it genuinely.

You may offer your help to someone complete stranger by helping with direction, giving lift, sharing water, food what not. Just help. Help a colleague with some assignment. Speak to someone who seems to be stresses. Let him speak and you listen calmly. No need to interrupt, just listen. You may not have any suggestions or tips, don't worry about that. Usually people don't need suggestions in such situations; all they want someone to listen patiently. Help someone getting job or acquire a new skill. You may spare sometime to train someone on skills you have and know it will make their job/life better.

While you do it, don’t expect people to show or express how grateful they were for your help. Don't have any expectations for you may get disappointed. This will add to your problem than to help you win over it. Showing kindness towards someone always feeds our soul and makes it happy. Even a slight dash of happiness can do miracles for you. Don't over analyse and wait for something big or really worthy problem to help people with. Even a small act of kindness is good enough. All you have to do is act.

How about the real problem like loss of someone/something, failure at something? Well yes; it only gives you a breather but very critical one. When you feel confident, you are able to see through the problem, root cause of the actual issue gets revealed or you are able to get someone’s help who helps you in identification of the actual cause. You feel energetic to take on the problem. The whole point is; this small boost in confidence will unveil the ways to actually face the problem. In best case scenarios, you may find there were no issues as such, it was just the phase of life and you needed to get out of it. Try is and see; it will add a magicalzero to your life!

Please do share your experience; you are most welcome to other ways that may help us get instant help with gaining confidence.

Happy Life 🙂

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