First Advice of My Corporate Life

He said “It’s your first day of job and I would very strongly recommend you not to speak ill or anything negative about your boss to anyone under any circumstances; no one within or outside the company, not even with a stranger. If you ever do it, it will reach to your boss and..” He was very assertive and intense. He didn’t say a word after it neither did I.

One Small Thing to Boost Self Confidence Instantly

Feeling low on self confidence lately? Life at times takes us on a roller coaster ride: at top we feel enthused, happy and full of energy while lows in life bring stress, low energy and drop in self confidence. Low self confidence makes us self critical, we limit or stop social interactions, avoid doing something new, taking chances, and list goes on.

The Side Effect Of Good Listening & How To Deal With It

We have heard great deal about good listening wherein you attentively listen to others and ask relevant questions. It’s no doubt a great way of learning and one of the best social skill. I have been a great listener all my life which has helped me attract people from different spheres of life who would open their heart out to me.

How to spend Rs 1081 of your first salary?

Suggesting them as they come at a very low cost which most of us could afford easily. Something is better than nothing, you know. I have a bigger objective of these suggestions. When you actually opt for these schemes, you not only secure yourself and your family against the risks but educate yourself too. It helps you get disciplined about your finances as well as professional growth. You will explore more and find that this is just the tip of iceberg and there is more to professional and personal life. Constant learning and financial independence is going to bring you a fulfilling life.

Whats so Magical about a ZERO?

When we first discussed the site name as MagicalZERO.com, few people asked us casually; Whats so Magical about a ZERO?

They were obviously seeing it in mathematical terms like nothing much changes when you add or subtract ZERO with another number rather it reduces the value if multiplied. But when you place a ZERO right to a number, you get to see the real magic; it enhances the value of original number by ten times.

For we humans knowledge and a new skill is that MagicalZERO which enhances our life ten times and in some cases more. Since every humans capacity varies in acquisition of a knowledge or skill and putting them in best use, benefits varies from one individual to other.

We at MagicalZERO intend to help young professionals to grow professionally and personally with sound finances so as to lead a rich life.


Next Steps...

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