First Advice of My Corporate Life

I joined an e-commerce company in Feb 2006 as a Sales Executive and had to sell Online Promotion packages to MSMEs in Indore. It was campus placement and I was excited not just because I had got the job in final semester of MBA but because I was done with classrooms. I wanted to go out and see the real world. 10 days of Induction Training Program was a great learning experience moreover it was fun as all of us were fresher. After the last day of training I was one the way to Indore in a train. And I was literally singing the song “Zindagi aa raha hoon main” while standing at the coach’s door. Can’t explain how excited I was.

I reported to my branch of 3; a Manager and two subordinates who were there for few months. After a short chit chat, my manager left me with one of my sub-ordinate. He asked usual stuffs about me and I asked about the same from him plus about his experience so far. He shared many things and went into details as I encouraged him with active listening and asking him to share more.

After a short chat, he shared his golden word of wisdom. He said “It’s your first day of job and I would very strongly recommend you not to speak ill or anything negative about your boss to anyone under any circumstances; no one within or outside the company, not even with a stranger. If you ever do it, it will reach to your boss and..” He was very assertive and intense. He didn’t say a word after it neither did I. There was silence for long. After sometime we went down to have famous Poe (Pohe) Jalebi of Indore. You would be smiling if you are from Indore or have been to this wonderful city even once. I survived on this snack for a year and never got enough of it. Oh my god J

Okay Okay, let’s not get nostalgic and get back to the advice; advice that stuck with me for life and I literally followed it for very long. I had great learning experience under my manager’s guidance. It was my first exposure to the corporate world and it indeed was great fulfilling experience working as sales professional. Every individual has some pros and cons; at least this is what my experience with life is. My manager too had something not so good things which I could have shared or discussed. I never talked anything negative about my boss with any one even after lots of provocation from colleagues.

Did I follow it wholeheartedly; yes I did except that I discussed everything with my best friend J you might be wondering even if I shared it with my best friend, it was against the advice. Well pause of those few minutes had enlightened me beyond what was said. When you share negatives about your boss it will reach to him and you will be in trouble. But I shared it with my best friend who’d never share what we discuss. He is my close confidante. If I had not shared it with my friend.

So the million dollar question comes, did the advice work for you. Yes it indeed worked for me. Had I received this advice from someone who had been in similar situation, I might have committed this mistake and it would have caused trouble to me. It happened with other people in my team and other departments too. I had live examples where people discuss what they did not like about their boss and walked into the trouble.

Another million dollar question “so I must follow this advice blindly come what may?” No, this advice apply to only generic behavioural issues or difference in opinion or cultural differences, dressing sense, eating preferences etc. Something you may not like or might bug you but doesn’t hamper your work and personal life as such. You must refrain yourself from gossiping and making fun of others especially people of higher authority.

But you must share and raise your voice against bullying, unethical or abusive behaviour, harassment of any sort etc. Be careful of what you share and with whom you share. All such issues should be reported to appropriate authority following proper formal ways. You must not tolerate such behaviour even if it displeases your manager or seniors. It will help you understand the real character of company. If you are treated fairly and provided with solutions, you are in right company else explore your way out. But do not tolerate and get frustrated unacceptable things.

Final conclusion; take the advice but take it with your own wisdom. Improvise if you feel necessary, experiment with life and enjoy it.

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2 thoughts on “First Advice of My Corporate Life”

  1. Soon i am going to enter into IT corporate life . I want an advice on my life and my career. Please read the question details. Anyone with expert advice ? What advice would you give to a 23yo old guy who is facing a life crisis?

  2. Hey Quinn,

    Thanks for writing to us. Much appreciate it. Please share what life crisis you are going through and we will advice you what best we could.

    Between, I must compliment you that you are already on path to recovery as you have already passed 2 stages of crisis recovery:

    1. Acknowledging that you are going through a crisis
    2. Seeking help

    I am sure you will be overcome this crisis as a winner and better person.

    Please do share the specifics of your crisis and we will be happy to help you.

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