About Us

MagicalZERO.com is brain child of professionals with individual experience of 10+ years. Working in different industries like e-commerce, general insurance, banking, industrial goods, academics etc on various positions in Sales & Marketing, Customer Operations, HR & Admin  etc.

We have had our share of exposures and hardships. While we are doing great at our current positions, we do understand that our lives would have been lot easier and better if could have got good guidance when we started off.

We don't regret anything as its of no use now. Life has been kind to us in teaching with practical lessons. We intend to make your professional's life easy by sharing what we have learnt all this while and are still learning.

This blog is for all those who;

  • Have been doing good, OK or in worst case poor in their professional and personal lives
  • Despite being good at what you do, finances are not in shape
  • Not able to manage liabilities like educational loan, vehicle loan, home loan etc
  • No job security and stability
  • Stagnation in job or profile
  • Stuck with wrong job and in worst case; bad boss
  • Not sure about professional growth and future
  • Not getting enough from life, job, relationships etc despite being doing all what it takes
  • Have many aspirations and dreams but not able to pursue to fulfill them

and more...

If some of above or in worst case, all of above is true for you, don’t worry, you are not alone. This is the story of you, me, your friends and peers. Read the list mentioned above slowly and think of people around you, match them and you will find most of them facing one or the other issues mentioned here.

India thrives on Power Youth; they are fuel to the growth ever running engine for India. More than 50% of total population consists of young people. While we need them for well being of socio-economic being of country, they have their own aspirations, dreams and passion. Globalization, Liberal Policies of Govt and other institutions have unlocked great potential to do whatever we want to do. But at the same time they have caused the greater volatility and uncertainty towards the stability of jobs and occupations. While technological advancements have created several new business and job opportunities for us, automation has wiped out millions of jobs too.

Mr T.V. Mohandas Pai; a renowned education and corporate leader of India, recently said “over 20 Crore middle class young people would have no jobs or less jobs by 2025 due to increasing automation and improvement in technology”. That’s an astounding number what makes it worst is this estimate doesn’t look to be unreal. It will have a cascading impact on whole society at large. Let me explain you this: In India, most of earning persons have 3-4 dependents on an average. Make your own calculations; every lost job will cast financial trouble for at least 4 people; 20 Crore x 4 = 80 Crore.

Hey, hold on before you conclude future to be bleak and horrible. Similar predictions were made when Computers were introduced on eighties. People thought we were going to go jobless and predicted riots all over. But look around, they were far from being right. There are several new opportunities and jobs for young people. Those who want to try hands on entrepreneurship have millions of opportunities open for them. Young professionals are free to chose jobs in fields of their choice. This is all happening with the help of enterprising spirit of people from all walk of life and technology.

The TRUTH is; young generation has been facing one or the other challenges throughout the history and our generation is no exception. In fact, we are better equipped to face the challenge and come out glorious. Same culprit, technology that is perceived to be the cause problems can open newer avenue for job and wealth creation for us.

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